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Buying or leasing a Lexus in Montreal?

Buying or leasing a Lexus in Montreal?
Buying or leasing? Here are some tips that will help you to know which one to choose, because both have advantages and disadvantages.

That's it, you have decided to get your Lexus vehicle, for sale on the West Island of Montreal, in Pointe-Claire, but you still do not know if you will buy or lease it. Our consultants at your Lexus Spinelli dealership will be able to draw a realistic portrait of your situation with you and so guide you to the best choice to adopt.

If you are considering buying a Lexus, such as a 2019 Lexus RX SUV, a 2019 NX, or the all-new 2019 UX compact crossover, a used Lexus such as an IS, RC sedan or the awesome LC, here are some benefits related to buying one of these. You can trade or change your vehicle as you see fit, you can go outside of Quebec, even for long periods of time, your payments will always be lower for your next car. You could have lower interest rates and, of course, once the payments are completed you will own it.

By choosing to buy your Lexus, for sale near Laval, it could also cost you less in insurance. Another criteria to consider is the number of kilometres driven each year: are you using your vehicle every day or only occasionally? In short, think carefully about how you will use your car or SUV.

Now, if you choose leasing a Lexus, near Laval, you could change your vehicle more often, have lower Lexus financing rates, taxes would be spread over your payments or reduced, and you could even get a more expensive vehicle and purchase it at the end of your lease.

On the other hand, a Lexus lease could mean paying for extra mileage, incurring penalty fees in case you stop your lease, not being able to stay outside of Quebec for a long time, and you could even have to pay a fee at the end of your Lexus leasing, near Laval.

In a nutshell, carefully study all your alternatives, and remember that all Lexus vehicles, for sale on the West Island of Montreal, at your Spinelli Lexus dealership in Pointe-Claire, are reliable and have excellent resale value. You will be able to benefit from our offers of promotions, in addition to an outstanding service by a team of professionals always attentive to your needs.

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